Cafe In The Park

Cafe In The Park

EMA Catering run several cafe concessions accross the United Kingdom and we are proud to reveal that every single concession we hold is a proof of service efficiency.

We consistently maintain a service protocol that ensures we are constantly meeting both health and appetising demands of our diverse clients. We have a reputation for strong performance, speed, excellence and customer satisfaction as our cores values.

With our experience in running cafes and restuaurants across the United Kingdom, additional contracts in our portfolio enhance our productivity while it helps us raise a bigger team of catering professionals who are committed to excellent customer service. Our fully mature policies stand the test of time while our fully reproducible processes are once again put to test for strength and quality.

In simple words, we operate on highly flexible, efficient, repeatable service delivery models that can be adapted to any environment or trade situation.

Our team is made up of effective stewards and are able to effectively manage queues. All short-term and long term staff members have all the relevant hygiene certifications i.e. a minimum of NCASS Level 2 in Food Safety and NCASS Level 3 in Food Safety and Hygiene.

We are made up of a highly inspired production team that focuses on effective service delivery.Our service delivery model is a reiterative cycle of quality and efficiency monitoring process that has allowed us to step up our service efficiency, quality and flexibility to increase customer satisfaction.

Client: Various

Date: May 5, 2018

Service: Cafe In The Park